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Minnesota Property Tax Lawyer Amy Darr Grady


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Minnesota Property Tax Lawyer

For the last 30 years, Amy Darr Grady has concentrated her law practice on reducing her client’s commercial property taxes.

Amy is known for her in-depth knowledge of the property tax system, her tenacity on behalf of clients and her reputation for integrity with local assessors and county attorneys. Clients appreciate the personal service and attention to detail Amy brings to their property tax matters.

These critical factors, combined with Amy’s years of successful practice, work to ensure that her clients get the best financial outcome for their business or property.

If you think your property has been over-assessed, give us a call.


“Amy has successfully negotiated our property tax appeals which saved our company over $1,000,000 over the last decade. She has been a long time partner who knows our properties and the current market.”
-Tax Director, multi-national public company

“Zeller Realty, and many of our clients, have used Amy exclusively since 1990 and her work reducing our property taxes has kept us in a very competitive position.”
-Jim Gearen, Executive VP, Zeller Realty Group

"Over the past 20 years, I have been pleased to work with Amy and assist her in saving her clients several million dollars in property taxes. Amy clearly understands both the valuation and legal side of the property tax appeal game."
-Paul Bakken, MAI appraiser

“Selecting a tax professional that has the knowledge and experience necessary to navigate the difficult waters of a taxing jurisdiction and the appeal process is vital to our success. Ms. Grady has consistently negotiated substantial property tax reductions for us demonstrating her commitment to accept this challenge, thereby maintaining a high level of client satisfaction.”

-Debbie Garcia, Senior Director, National Tax Resource Group

Minnesota Property Tax Lawyer | 10441 Vessey Road | Bloomington, Minnesota 55437 | Phone: 952-884-6502 | Fax: 952-885-9661 | Email:

We represent clients in real estate taxes, property tax appeals, commercial property tax, retail property tax, challenge property tax, unfair real estate taxes, property tax refunds, income property tax, tax court, food processing, industrial, manufacturing, warehouse, hotel and office property taxes.

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Located in Bloomington, MN, Amy is ready and willing to take on clients throughout the Twin Cities area. She has represented a large number of clients varying in a number of financial related issues. Her past clients have varied from large corporations like Walgreens to apartment complexes. If you have questions or concerns about a commercial financial issue, you have come to the right place. Before taking on tax related issues on your own, be sure to check with a trained professional, like Amy Darr Grady, to insure you get the best financial outcome. In working with Amy you can expect a personable experience with the most positive financial results possible.